Looking At The Sky On Friday

Friday, August 13, 2010

Beautiful sunset but weird weather for the summer , cloudy but hot and humid
Mediterranean Sea - Netanya, Israel

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JAZEVOX said...

nice shot, like the vibrant warm colors in it. jazevox

Anne said...

agoy pagka nice man niini sis...perfect! murag hapit na mag end ang kalibutan heheh..

kat said...

hay sus...nakuratan man ko ani Charm...abi nako nadaut ako template ug lain naman migawas...atot imoha man diay ni hahahahahaha

gi add nako ni sa ako new house nga pares ani pod ang template hehe

Vernz said...

murag ana ni siya Charm....

We maybe looking at different skies at different places with different emotions, but one thing is certain we are looking at the same sun - Verna

hahahha ok ba... quote ko yan original aheheheh...

charmie said...

wow kaanindot ba sa quote mo ate vernz, grabe hanep talaga.. full of emotions.. thanks ate verns

mommy kat.. hehehe pares jud ta nakuratan pud ko atong imoha new blogs. added all your blogs sa akong main blog:)

Anonymous said...

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rjs mama said...

lovely pic, galing =)

hoping you can follow and link up if you haven't yet =)
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my soltero baby

Amanda11 said...

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