Eearly Detention of Alzheimer's

Saturday, February 27, 2010

What if you have a patient and you thought she is absolutely fine but seems to be more forgetful than usual? What have you think about that? Do you jump to the conclusion that she has alzheimer's disease?  In my experience for 2 years looking after alzheimer's patient , and base also from friends who have the same problems with their patient , yes we automatically concluded that being forgetful and repeating 100 times of what they said is an early detection of alzheimer. As my interest of tis  disease, because some patient won't accept that they have it. I read some articles as far I remember , the kind of symptoms that needed to be checked are short term memory loss that affects the daily function of the person. And I think she emphasized not only to elderly person but to those middle age people who detect themselves of this kind of symptoms. People accepted or not but she said it is normal forgetfullness of aging but needed to be aware of. Like for example , If you forget your keys are that's an oridanary problems , even sometimes it happens to me. But if you don't remember what they're used for , then you needed to be evaluated. And this illness are not curable, unlike dimentia patient they are drugs available in drug store, that you can't control they anger and whatsoever.

Keep your home safe for the Elderly

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Taking care with elderly people is a big responsibility. If you missed something you will think that you are not a good career. Sometimes that was I thought if my patient will fall or bang her head somewhere. I came the ideas to keep your home safe if you have elderly person stayed in your home majority of accidents happen in the home.
 Here are some tips:
  •  Place a night light in any corridors or bedroom that they use. Place emergency light on all levels of the house in case there is a power failure.
  • Install grab bars next to the toilet( this is important ) and bath /shower unit, and have a non-slip mat in both bath and shower.
  • Highlight the bottom step by painting a strip of luminous paint on the wall next to it. As people grow older, their ability to focus in the dark becomes more difficult.
  • Never leave anything on the stairs. It is much too easy to trip over them, even in the daytime. 

Eat banana a day

I found out today that eating banana contain three natural sugars - sucrose, fructose and glucose. So, if you want a quick fix for flagging energy level, eat banana atleast once a day. If combines with fiber, a banana gives an instant, sustained and substantial source of energy.

Research has proven that just two bananas provide enough energy for a strenuous 90 minute work out. No one wonder the banana is the no. 1 fruit with the world leading athletes. But energy, isn't the only way a banana can help us keep fit. It can also help overcome or prevent a substantial number of illness and conditions, making it a must to add to our daily life. I'm going to maintain now, eating banana to make me physically fit. You can add it to your cereals when you eat in the morning.

Relationship between a carer and a patient

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

No one can do  a job like a carer or caregiver does to their patient especially us Filipinos. Sabi nga ng iba detach your self with your patient  because they are not here forever, otherwise you end up hurting yourself. She or he is not your family.

My last employer died at 101 1/2 yrs old, she had a fantastic memory even though she was in the wheelchair but I learned life for her is valuable every minute. She enjoyed life as long she can breath. Sometimes she felt sorry for herself that her family has no patient to talk to her. She felt sorry that she can't walk, can't hear clearly but she told me I am here and I have to be thankful for what she gave me. She was amazing really, though my relationship with her was only a carer patient relationship. She was strong woman and a person who didn't used to show feelings. But 3 days before she died , she told me 'THANK YOU VERY MUCH, YOU'RE  SUCH A NICE GIRL, I LOVE YOU" . After working with her for 4 years , that the 1st and the last word she gave me I LOVE YOU. I hugged and kissed her with tears in my eyes and told her I LOVE YOU TOO.

I cannot detach my self to my patient, because they are part of my everyday routine. When I am angry or happy they are part of it.

I attached the vedio of my friend here  and her relationship with her patient :

Click the Link

Giving up the so called Career and be a carer!

How do you feel giving up a so called career and be a carer???

So difficult to think.

Professionals, like Teacher, professor , accountant, or even graduated in colleges and universities in the Philippines giving up their career just to work as a carer.

How hard it is for us, for you?

Buhay Caregiver sa Israel

For seven years being a caregiver in the Holy Land, I love the religion but not the way of lives in here. Kakaiba pa din sa atin pero atleast nagiging forward and utak. Madali ang pera, mag partime ka lang sa day off mo ayos na. Solve na ang pang card mo para sa mga mahal mo sa buhay. Pero mahirap mag alaga ng mga makukulit n matanda, noong bagohan ka pa as I said earlier you will hate your job but If you used to it ayos na lang, kumikita ka ng dolar. You can't imagine a professor, nurse in the Philippines ang trabaho dito nagpupunas ng puwet ng matanda. If your patient will be alzheimer naku po humanda kayo maghabolan sa bahay niya o di kaya humanda ka din malakas ang resistensiya mo kasi wala kang tulog. Kaya ang solution pag tulong si lola (our so called endearment for our patient)tulog ka din para hindi ka lugi.Hehehe!!! Some patient also live in a Nursing Home, mas maganda nga pag nasa Nursing Home ka , kasi di ka magluluto, di ka maglilinis. Asikasohin mo lang talaga ang matanda. Malaki pa ang sahod, and mostly carer are stayed in with pay sa mga day offs nila. Di ba mas madali yayaman daw. Pero laki sahod, laki gastos. Kahit ano pa sahod mo , di pa din kasya para sa padala mo. May mga pasyente naman na may mga utak din , nakakalakad pa, at kahit nasa wheelchair na sila, sila pa din ang boss sa sarili nila. Kung alam mo na mali sila kung pasabihan mo naman sila nagagalit sayo. They will tell you " Who is the boss?" Kakairita din minsan they are racist at baba ang tingin nila sa atin. They thought walang wala talaga sa atin, kaya kaw pag may opinion na maibibigay mag react ka talaga. Better to say we have the same like this and like that in our home country rather than to say we have nothing at all. Otherwise they treated you like a rag or a dump. One of my patient told me palibhasa daw we are premitive people. Oh! GOSH I was shocked, and I argue with him. We are educated people who gave up our profession to work abroad for our family. Kaya sabi ng tao sa atin ganda ang work niya pala caregiver pero di nila naisip what is the life of a caregiver being with their patient for 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Kapapasok pa lang, Ayaw mo na!

Caregiver is a person who assist or attend the elderly by performing a number of task.

View the Link to clearly understand

I am working as a caregiver here in Israel for a quiet 7 years. I am not a professional caregiver but I learned a lot working for years in here.

Naisip ko gumawa ng blogs na ito out from my boredom.

Ang buhay ng isang caregiver ay hindi po madali. Lahat pwde mong daanan. Kung ikaw ay tapos ng magandang profession sa atin at mag trabaho sa abroad bilang isang caregiver I am absolutely sure at the start you will hate your job. That was I felt when I started working as caregiver. Umiiyak ka sa inis lalo na yong mga walang pasensiya o kulang ang pasensiya sa matatanda. Nagagalit ka sa gobyerno sa atin dahil bakit ka sa ibang bansa nagtrabaho ng ganito which the fact you have a good profession back home. Nagagalit ka bakit walang makitang trabaho sa atin at nagsakrispiyo na magtrabaho sa ganitong sitwasyon. Ganun ang ma feel mo kung bagohan ka pa lang.

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