Eearly Detention of Alzheimer's

Saturday, February 27, 2010

What if you have a patient and you thought she is absolutely fine but seems to be more forgetful than usual? What have you think about that? Do you jump to the conclusion that she has alzheimer's disease?  In my experience for 2 years looking after alzheimer's patient , and base also from friends who have the same problems with their patient , yes we automatically concluded that being forgetful and repeating 100 times of what they said is an early detection of alzheimer. As my interest of tis  disease, because some patient won't accept that they have it. I read some articles as far I remember , the kind of symptoms that needed to be checked are short term memory loss that affects the daily function of the person. And I think she emphasized not only to elderly person but to those middle age people who detect themselves of this kind of symptoms. People accepted or not but she said it is normal forgetfullness of aging but needed to be aware of. Like for example , If you forget your keys are that's an oridanary problems , even sometimes it happens to me. But if you don't remember what they're used for , then you needed to be evaluated. And this illness are not curable, unlike dimentia patient they are drugs available in drug store, that you can't control they anger and whatsoever.


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