Relationship between a carer and a patient

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

No one can do  a job like a carer or caregiver does to their patient especially us Filipinos. Sabi nga ng iba detach your self with your patient  because they are not here forever, otherwise you end up hurting yourself. She or he is not your family.

My last employer died at 101 1/2 yrs old, she had a fantastic memory even though she was in the wheelchair but I learned life for her is valuable every minute. She enjoyed life as long she can breath. Sometimes she felt sorry for herself that her family has no patient to talk to her. She felt sorry that she can't walk, can't hear clearly but she told me I am here and I have to be thankful for what she gave me. She was amazing really, though my relationship with her was only a carer patient relationship. She was strong woman and a person who didn't used to show feelings. But 3 days before she died , she told me 'THANK YOU VERY MUCH, YOU'RE  SUCH A NICE GIRL, I LOVE YOU" . After working with her for 4 years , that the 1st and the last word she gave me I LOVE YOU. I hugged and kissed her with tears in my eyes and told her I LOVE YOU TOO.

I cannot detach my self to my patient, because they are part of my everyday routine. When I am angry or happy they are part of it.

I attached the vedio of my friend here  and her relationship with her patient :

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