Keep your home safe for the Elderly

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Taking care with elderly people is a big responsibility. If you missed something you will think that you are not a good career. Sometimes that was I thought if my patient will fall or bang her head somewhere. I came the ideas to keep your home safe if you have elderly person stayed in your home majority of accidents happen in the home.
 Here are some tips:
  •  Place a night light in any corridors or bedroom that they use. Place emergency light on all levels of the house in case there is a power failure.
  • Install grab bars next to the toilet( this is important ) and bath /shower unit, and have a non-slip mat in both bath and shower.
  • Highlight the bottom step by painting a strip of luminous paint on the wall next to it. As people grow older, their ability to focus in the dark becomes more difficult.
  • Never leave anything on the stairs. It is much too easy to trip over them, even in the daytime. 


grace said...

ana diay na te?pwde na akong mag caregiver i know it.

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