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Monday, April 5, 2010

As I mentioned before, life abroad is not easy. Sad thing about, living a career, very from your family, friends and love ones. We have also moments to think about what if I didn't go abroad? What will be my life in the Philippines?What happen to my family? On the other side of the coin, you might also think, I can leave there without going abroad. I have a career. But the fact its only good for my self, not enough to help my family. I guess this is the reality to those people who's working abroad.

Five years ago, I had a funny experience here. I considered this as my unforgettable experience. When I shared it to my friends they started laughing at me and can't believe I did it.

After 2 years working with my alzhiemer patient, I left her because they didn't have a sufficient funds to pay all my required benefits including my basic salary. Was so sad for me because I was so attached with her, and so she was. But I thought of my self , I'm not here to look for a family I'm here for work and to earn and save money. At that time , I'm not finish my placement fee loan. So I decided to move out and find an employer who can pay give me a good pay. They were very angry with me, and they don't even give me a release paper which required by my prospect employer. I don't have any money and all I got was the bounced check my patient's son issued to me. I went to that lawyer, I showed the bounced check and he gave me a letter of release. Imagine I didn't pay the lawyer, I just told him that I was connected of the agency, I gave the name of my agency and said I'll pay you later if I can find a new job.

It was time to meet my prospected employer, 2 rides and 2 hours travel by bus from where I was. I got 14 shekels penny in my pocket, and that money was only good for one ride. I was sitting in the middle of the stairs of my flat and think of a solution. All my friends are in  their prospective work,and my Aunt was in the Philippines. I was alone and keep looking my watch and the 14 NIS I got in my wallet. After an hour of thinking, I was walking back and forth til the fourth times, I just went straight to the station of mini bus. I arrived in tel-aviv and I don't know where to go. I don't have money at all. While walking in the street I remember my friend who recommended me the job. I called and told her I don't have money. I was so very lucky to have a friend like her, since I don't know the place (nursing home) she told me to take a taxi and she'll pay when I get there. So I did, I came at that place and met my employer though it was late and they understand that it was traffic.. LOL they didn't know the reason why I was late. Fortunately I was hired.

When I look back that experience, it made me laugh. Neither my self cannot believe how I did it. I was hopeless then but still believe that GOD was with me. I was determined to get that job and he guided me all along. I was so happy working with my English lady patient until the day she died at the age of 101 years old. And I was so blessed again to have a lovely lady who kept me though there are problems regarding my situation here. I hope I am always lucky with jobs.

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Kasai said...

Hi! May solusyon daw po sa lahat ng problema sabi nga lola, minsan sinusubok lang ang ating katatagan :)

O nga pala, I hope you can find time to visit my blog, I got some award for you SISTERHOOD AWARD :)

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