TNT Life in Israel

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

We all know, the moment we left our home country we are taking the risk, especially to those who have children. We go to the foreign land that we don't even know how to speak the language. However we learned and we adopt the culture and tradition.

Israel is one of the beautiful destination of OFW in terms of work  situation.  They are open only for Filipinos  in nursing specifically Caregivers who look after disabled children and elderly people.

What's good in Israel are? Caregivers have freedom to chose their own patient. If you don't like the person you look after, you can complain to the agency. Whatever complains you can report to your manpower agency. But on the other hand, you should minimize your complains because some agency  didn't believe you. Secondly, we can get all our Philippine holiday's and benefits. If the employer ask you to stay then they have to pay you extra. And that happens more often because they don't have patient to look after their old mother and father. You can get good salary most especially if your patient live in an old age home. Most people lives in that certain home are rich people who employ private carer. But I assure you, choosing job is all a matter of luck as well. All I can say , being a carer is not an easy job. Looking after elderly person for almost 18 hours a day, 7 days a week, if you are lucky to have a day off then you can have only 6 days a week. Some old people don't want anybody to be with them and  that is very difficult for a carer.
In the other way, working here also have limitation. Your work or visa status will depend only the life of your patient. The maximum stay in only 52 month's equivalent to 4 years and 3 months. However, if your patient are still alive even after that, your visa is, continues until she died then you can decide to stay or be a TNT(illegal worker, TAGI NG TAGO)

 This is why there are a lot of TNT in Israel. Carer chose to stay for many reasons. Mostly came here with a huge amount of placement fee and they haven't, finish to pay it back, some  have children, brother or sister who go to school, some are breadwinners and some are afraid to go back home because they  can't find a job to  their home country
Definitely, these people are not criminals but they felts that they are like thieves, killer because that's the way they treated by the people here. They don't work the way they used too. In fact, they work like a horse, cleaning from house to another. Some work as domestic, looking after 2,3 or even 5 children. Clean the house, does the cooking, gardening etc.. Some work as a freelancer, if somebody want a day off or want a vacation for a month and they need a reliever, this person are willing to replace you whenever you call them. And  TNT who have children are in the most worse  situation. Their children are traumatized because of what they been through. They treated badly also in school because their parents are foreign worker.
I felt sorry for themselves and I pitied them but we have to obey ruling of the government. We are only workers in their country.  If you think its enough then you don't need to suffer all this. A lesson to be learned, while you still got a visa then save for yourself. At least a 100$ a month, then when time comes, you always ready to go home.


Paul Pacheco said...

"Caregivers have freedom to chose their own patient." - How nice naman, good for all the caregivers there in Israel.

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