Understanding the Significance of a Bar Mitzvah

Monday, August 16, 2010

Bar Mitzvah is an Aramaic term which means “son of commandment.” This is the coming-of-age that is referred to in Jewish traditions, in which a boy at age 13 becomes responsible for adhering to Jewish law. The beginning of life to accept religious responsibilities and can perform the important duties of Jewish life. 

 The celebration of the event is important part to the life of their sons. Although its not a religious obligation but many families celebrate the coming age of their sons.   It entails  a religious ceremony, which means a child becomes obligated to the ritual resposibilities of Jewish life. At this celebration he becoming a bar mitzvah. 

Historically, the religious ceremony of bar mitzvah involved the boy's first "aliya" which is the recitation of Torah reading blessings. This is done on the first Torah service following the boy's 13th birthday. Recently, the celebration has become more elaborate and involves more participation from the boy, such as reading all or some of the prayers during weekly Torah services, giving a speech about the Torah reading, and learning the tradtional chant for the weekly Torah part during a weekly Shabbat or Sabbath service. During the ceremony, the family of the bar mitzvah are also often recognized during Torah services.

After the religious celebration, a party or a reception usually follows. Some celebrate this event during the boy’s 13th birthday, instead of preceding the religious ceremony. Friends and relatives are invited to the celebration. It is only recently that parties have become as elaborate as wedding receptions. This is the part of the celebration where you give your mitzvah gift. It is also during this party that the boy, for the first time, can now say the “Birkat Hamazon” or the grace after meals. That prayer cannot be said by younger boys.

Bar mitzvah is a very remarkable stage in a young boy’s life. It is during this time, that he does not only embrace the adult responsibilities of his Jewish faith and begin to follow the commandments. It is also a time to start struggling to become a living Torah himself.


Vernz said...

oo nga daghan jud rituals ang jewish ... kahinumdun ko kaniadto naa mi customer na jewish dapat kosher jud tanan... agi ko Charm..

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

I remember the account in the Bible wherein Jesus was presented in the temple when He was twelve years old. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

shydub said...

My husband's nephew are jews and they have all this retuals.

Yami said...

Nice to know about this tradition. Thanks for sharing them sis. And thanks for the visit. :)

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