First Aid Kit for Traveling Abroad

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Accidents, injuries, and emergencies may happen everywhere and to everyone eventually. For these instances, being prepared going anywhere is all that important. 

Ideally, everyone should have first aid kit at home or medical kit at home and in his or her auto. If your household includes children, keeping a kit in the house is especially important. As well as traveling abroad. 

Through searched, and through from my patient who loved traveling on her younger days with her Medical Doctor husband and also from my training in First Aid and Emergency Care. I listed some essential first aid
that might so helpful when your traveling abroad.

1. So, when you're abroad the first thing you have to consider is the weather, specially if your visiting that country for the first time. Weather can be allergic to you. Take a tablets containing antihistamine.This is effective against allergies, skin rashes and insect bites.

2. Food - You might eat unfamiliar food that upset your tummy or can cause an acute constipation. Don't forget to bring a Diarrhea tablet such as Imodium, these is useful when traveling and Laxatives tablet like suppositories and mostly you can buy laxatives over the counter.

3. If you think you may need an Antibiotic when traveling abroad ask a prescription from your physician. Be aware that when you're cruising, infection and inflammation inside the cruise ship is very prone. So, don't forget to bring or to ask an Antibiotic from your doctor. 

4. Pains occurs anytime, it might be headache, toothache, muscles pain, menstrual pain. Take a painkillers tablet, such as paracetamol or ibufrofen. This is also good for fever and colds because it contains aspirin.

5. You can bring also bandages and plaster in case an accidents should happen. Blisters can be helped with plasters. 

6. When you go to a hot and warm climate and want to lie under the sun. Don't forget to bring sunblock cream with high spf (sun protection factor). This is to protect your skin from burning.

7. Take with you some cotton, povidone iodine solution, distilled water, thermometer, and scissor. And if you think you may suffer from dizziness when try to take a tablet such as Bonamine an hour before your departure. To avoid nausea and vomiting.

Hope it helps and Happy Traveling!


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