Why Italy?

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hello, join me in my journey to Italy. Oh, how I wish someday I can visit this country. This is one of my dream.

I choose Italy as one of the most beautiful and special country on earth. I have a lot of questions and preconceptions with this country.Thus, I'm interested to know more about it. Or perhaps Italy has deep Roman Catholic roots. 

With my research and through Sarah and my old patient who travels Italy. They said that it is country full of interesting things, blessed with natural beauty. A place of olive oil , pasta, mafia and sunshine, roman ruins and renaissance palaces. That gives me an amazing and interesting conceptions but Italy has a lot to give its tourist. More than what I expected.

I have collected a few photographs of Italy destination.  Or you might book a holiday ticket after you view this beautiful images. I have an admiration that certainly this country is much more complex and stimulating than its concepts.


OFW Abroad said...

nice pictures- italy is indeed a beautiful country. btw your blog has meaningful content, i will add you in my blogroll. i hope you can add me too.

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