Tips for Israel Traveler

Monday, June 14, 2010

If your planning to travel to Israel I'd like to share some tips for traveler who loves to see the country. 

As some travelers know that Israel is the State for Jewish people. A GOD chosen people. Thus, on the "shabath sundown" - there won't be any public places buses, trains or scheduled sherut line  but there are private shared taxis, (monit sherut) run during shabath as do regular basis but cost a little bit high. If you have your own wheels, you can still get around.

1. Tel-aviv is a cool City and there is tons to do and see , nightlife and shopping and cafes and arts scene. This is a modern face of Israel, but there isn't a lot of history or religious culture to expect.

2. If you love beach, you can also visit Tel-aviv, normally this City is one biggest attractions for beaches. You can visit also Eilat , Netanya, and Herzliya. 

3. Jerusalem is the Capital of the State.  You can see here almost the Religious Site and Culture. Try to experience it as a modern City as well as an ancient one.

4. Dead Sea is one of the tourist attractions too.. You can climb Masada at sunrise (typical tourist activity) and also visit of the surrounding areas such as Ein Gedi.

5. Visit the Bahai Garden too , located in Haifa City. If you are a walk in tourist you can come early, if not you need to reserve ahead. Once you're doing the coastal trek, other possible places to visit include the Roman ruins at Caesaria,a the artist colony of Ein Hod, and the ancient City of Akko.nOther suggestions: Tiberias, Galilee area, Safed, Golan Heights. There are several kibbutzim with guesthouses in the area that make good bases for a night or two.

Some things to consider
- Israeli culture is very assertive , so don't be afraid to make yourself heard to get what you need. Don't be put off if people are blunt, just be blunt right back.

- Riding a train is convenient, comfortable and inexpensive way to travel up and down the Mediterranean coast. Such as Tel Aviv to Haifa.

- Most public places- shopping malls, restaurants, bars, etc have security guards and bag checks or scanner out front. They're there for your safety , so don't put it off by it. It's dad that this things are needed but after a few days you'll probably stop noticing.

- Israel is expensive for traveler. Expect prices some comparative to Europe or North American than to most other parts of Middle East.

-Tipping is customary in restaurants but not in taxi cabs.
- If  happen that your visit fall in Jewish Holidays such as Passover and Rosha Shana. Expect the big crowds , higher prices and transportation nightmares. Plan to book a trip earlier their Holidays. 


Jenny said...

Great post!
Loved your tips.
I was just in Israel last month and stayed in tel aviv the entire time. I took guided group tours with Bein Harimtour operator and was amazed to find out that lots of ppl who visit Israel don't spend a whole lot of time in Tel-Aviv.
That's too bad, it's a lovely city and I definitely want to see it again. :)

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Very informative and practical tips if one will go to Israel. It is a historical city because of the Jews who are God's chosen people. Your tips will help the first time visitor there a lot. Thanks for the informative post. God bless you always.

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