My first week in Israel

Thursday, July 1, 2010


I almost forgot this Meme -  Busy? No, certainly  not but I am too lazy to blog. I'm tired and rather set and watch the tennis Wimbledon semi-final. Until I remember that I have some work to do including this lovely meme of Rose of  Nostalgic Marveling  ^-^ .

First I can't think of anything what I can share with you because mostly of my stuff are sent home. Yes, I'm ready to go home in two-three months time after seven years here. I can literally hear now the word "pasalubong ko" LOL!

Anyhow, going back to my nostalgic entry this week and  hence I'm talking about going home, I want to share my first entry ,first job, adventure of this so called Holy Land.

Year 2003, when I left Philippines. When the plane boarded to Hongkong, I told myself that I'll be going back my home country after two years. But that was never happened. Anyhow, I landed  at Bengurion Airport here in Israel, at 3 o'clock in the morning, I dropped a 1 peso coin as my mother told me.  Her superstitious belief that I'll be away from evils eye and should have good health since its my first time in this country. After three hours of waiting an agency person arrived to pick us up. I was sent to the flat of caregivers where they stayed during the weekend for their days off. After two days, the agency called me to be prepared because I'm going to start my job. Gosh, I was shivering and nervous but I managed to control .. (takot lang yon kasi walang alam)Honestly, I never had a caregiver training, nor learned a Hebrew language. I just watched the video how to take care elderly people and got some notes of basic Hebrew words. Unlike today, caregiver certificate and Hebrew language certificate is necessary.

I've met my employer (an old lady) who doesn't know to speak English. She spoke Arabic and little Hebrew  together which was so hard to understand. So, I did sign language just to comprehend. But sometimes was very difficult really specially on meal time.  Hence, I wheeled her to the kitchen and opened the freeze what she wants. LOL! Every word she said I wrote it down and when I'm in the flat I asked the girl what's  the meaning of the word. Thus, I learned a little bit of  Hebrew and Arabic every week.

The thing that I cannot forget was when I went to a partime job. That was my first partime after a murdered week working who cannot understand each other. Somehow, I have to think my placement to be paid quickly the reason why I grabbed the opportunity to work on my day off. It was frightening because she is alzhiemer at the same time a bed ridden woman who has a very loud voice.. waaaaaaaaaa.. I cried I thought she shouted at me. She made poh on the bed, and the smell was horrible. Then, I cried again when I looked back the swivel chair, the computer, the ledger, and air conditioned room. The adjustment of the job was absolutely difficult.

By the time I finished my 22 hours part time job , I called a taxi to take me to my flat. However, the taxi driver dropped me to the place called Kanyon (Mall). He might thought that's the mall I was talking about.   I don't know either what the name of the  mall I was going too LOL. I just told him kanyon gadol (big mall) I didn't have a cell number so I cannot phone any of my relatives. And I cannot explain to him that it wasn't the right mall. My trademark is the building design of the mall. Huh, what an experienced it was, I used a sign language again  but neither way he cannot understand me. I left nowhere and don't know where to go. I just followed people walking, everytime I asked them they cannot understand me. So, I just continue walking until I found the main street that looks familiar to me. It took me an hour before I saw the place where I supposed to go home.

For seven years here, I adopted the life here. I learned the language, the religion, the culture and learned to love the job. I realized that I am pretty lucky being here. GOD gave me the opportunity to tour around his place, Holy Land.


Luna Miranda said...

omg, i can't imagine getting lost in a place where nobody understands me and i couldn't understand them. what a nightmare! but you survived! and for 7 years pa! hat's off to you.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

What experiences you really had when you first arrived in Israel. People with less fortitude would have given up but to your credit and because of your indomitable faith in God, you were able to survive that first horrendous year and were able to adjust accordingly. What a brave and courageous girl you are. You have the stuff of a real survivor who will never give up no matter what the cost may be. You anecdote of your first experience in Israel is really uplifting and motivating. Maybe in the future, you can write a book about your adventures in Israel. I'm sure it will be a big hit. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

anne said...

Hi Charmie, if I was in your position I may panicked in an instant and cried out loud in the middle of the street. But you are a very courageous girl, you surpass all the circumstances in life working in abroad, Saludo ako sa yo girl. BTW are you from Davao?

chubskulit said...

Oh my goodness sistah, you are a very strong woman indeed. Sayang yung piso lol.. Seven years is a long time not to be able to go home wahhhh, babalik ka pa ba?

Vernz said...

Kabalo ba ka Charm nga akong mama nagwork sad as a caregiver sa Kuwait before.. pero sa hospital siya.. dili kay naa siya pakan-on o gipaeskwela .. nagaway sila sa akong papa.. hahah! ana pud iya experience... murag mapicture nako imung nawong... kalooy oi! cge lang dear .. basig makatiming ka ug tiguwang mga naay gold na arinola unya ipanama sa imuha... juk lang! Nostalgia Here!

tatess said...

nice post. 2003 din nung dumating ako ng Qatar.tagal na ng panahon atpaalis na rin by end of july. masayang mahirap ang maging OFW

Dhemz said...

oh my dear Lord....bilib talaga ako sau sis....7 years? whoaaaaaaa...dapat pauli naka sa pinas...ehhehehe....daghan naghuwat sa imo didto....saludo ako sau sis!

lina@women's perspectives said...

Thanks for sharing your rich story. I admire your courage :)

Sorry for my late visit...

Bambie dear ★ said...

mahirap talaga when you're a foreign in a country that has different language.. mas mahirap kung wala kang kakilala or kamag-anak. Kahit nung nag-work ako dito, panay sign language pero so far, ngayon marunong na ako japanese =)

Nice experience to look back and smile

Yami said...

AFter 7 long years finally makaka-uwi ka na rin, sis...isa ang Holy Land sa gusto kong marating in the future. :)

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