Spectacular Canadian Cities

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Canada is always my dream. A dream that hopefully someday it will come true. ^-^

Why I love Canada? I never been in these country but I heard so much about Canada through my friends who are living and working there. Aside from the stories they were telling me I did further research in these country and  I found interesting facts that you might want to know. Thanks for gocanada.about.com.

Canada is a country of  outstanding natural beauty. They has a wide variety of landscapes,  the mountains, the prairies, lakes and rivers with many national and provincial parks to protect the habitats.

I have listed spectacular Canadian cities, the most popular destination for visitors.  Although it's doubtful you'll get all of them in one trip.

Is a great to visit if you love the outdoors, but also wants the convenience and benefits of beauty

It has a youngest population in the country - and they're always up for an adventure
A falls that situated in Ontario, Canada, the most powerful falls in North America. It is probably known as a honeymoon destination, attracting million of newlyweds or just plain romantic couple each year 

Canada's largest city and financial center. Comparable to Chicago or New York in that all are big, lively, multicultural cities that offer a lot to Visitors.

Canada's capital, sits on the border between the provinces of Ontario and Quebec in Central Canada. It's a home to eight national museums, store houses of Canadian culture.

Is a unique among cities in North America, comparable perhaps to New Orleans in the depth and the pervasiveness of European history.  Visitors can enjoy a modern city with all conveniences , outstanding shopping and dining but also get a taste of Europe and glimpse back  Canada's rich French heritage in Old Montreal.

A provincial capital, steeped in history and European in flavor. The Old town is the only fortified city north of Mexico in North America and is a world heritage site. 

A region has an exciting variety of sights, and attraction. Nature has blessed this area with sandy beaches, rugged shorelines, and colorful gardens.
Intimate sophisticated seaside city, is the vacation capital of Canada and the premiere tourist spot in the Pacific Northwest.


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Yes, Canada is a beautiful and picturesque country even more beautiful than the United States. Life there is a little slower and laid back than in the hustling and bustling United States. But the interior parts of Canada like Winnipeg and other innermost provinces are very cold with very harsh winter conditions. Thanks for the informative post. God bless you always.

Kasai said...

wish I could go there too. :)

http://boholtourism-lito.blogspot.com/ said...

hi how i wish i could come this beautiful places full of hope, green places and organized..

Anonymous said...

cguro nga aganda ang canada but dito din nangyari at nawasak ang pamilya ko dahil sa mostly ginagawa ng mga pinoys abroad nakikipag live in sa kapwa pinoy me asawa man both sa pinas o wala ginagawa...

charmie said...

Hindi lang sa Canada nangyayari yon kahit saan pag di magkasama ng matagal nawawasak ang pamilya.. Mahirap mag abroad pag may pamilya na, yan lang po opinion at napansin ko po sa nangimbang bansa na may mga asawa't anak na!

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