Tel Aviv - Open Minded City in the Middle East

Monday, July 12, 2010

Tel Aviv is the most modern and westernized place in Israel. Jerusalem is the official capital and the religiuos capital, but Tel Aviv is the center of economic, cultural and social life. Known for their liberation and open minded City in the Middle East. 

When you walk the streets at night you can hardly imagine you are in the holy land. Sidewalk cafes give the city a  European flavor, especially in the areas with buildings. Shopping at the enclosed Dizengoff Center is pleasant. Tel Aviv is also the business center of Israel, and has the largest percentage of young people. Jaffa is the old arabic part of Tel Aviv. It is much older (Tel Aviv was founded in 1909) and is now some sort of the Quartier Latin of the city. Although it has many small and trendy boutiques it still retains some of its flavour as an arabic city. The best reason to come to Tel Aviv is to have a good time, the nightlife is great, there are good restaurants, there are so many shops, the beaches are wonderful and there is always something going on. 

A good place for trendy shopping would be Sheinkin street; Kikar Hamedina is known for its upscale (and expensive) shops; and Azriely center, Ramat Aviv mall and Dizengoff center would answer all your shopping mall needs. Alternatively, you can check out Shuk HaCarmel, a large street market held daily on Carmel St. Bazel and Rotschild streets have the best coffee places; Allenby, Lilienblum streets and the Tel Aviv port is where you'll find all night parties and bars; and you shouldn't miss the beach - for sunbathing and babe watching. Watch the attached video ^-^


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Tel Aviv has always been the capital of Israel ever since. I was not aware of the fact that it is now Jerusalem that is the new capital. I know that Jerusalem is a divided city with so many religions claiming its ownership. I've never been to Israel but I have read about the great strides this country has made since its founding in 1947. Thanks for the educational post. God bless you always.

charmie said...

Yes, Sir Mel, Israel became a State since 1948. A World's predominantly Jewish State. In the stress of war and Jerusalem was under siege, the government compelled to establish a seat in Tel Aviv but for the State there is always one capital- Jerusalem since 1949..

Wow, nadagdagan na ang knowledge ko hehehe! Thanks for your comment Sir Mel. God Bless:)

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