Visiting Paris

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Have you visited Paris? I haven't been in Paris but I love to visit this country if given a chance and opportunity. I've made a lot of  research about this country and I'm very fascinated with the attractions and beauty of Paris.

So, if you come for the first time in Paris, then you should start your visit with the Beaubourg and Hale districts. From there one can easily manage to reach the most beautiful attraction of France. The Beaubourg district has become a very important tourist attraction after the George  Pompidou center was built in 1977. The building of the center represents one of the most-known pieces of modern architecture. It was constructed as a multicultural building, hosting the National Art Museum, a cinema with a various saloons, a huge library, shops and amazement halls. Another point of interest in the Pompidou center is the hall called Brancusi Studio, the place where the works of Romanian sculptor., Constantin Brancusi, are exhibited.

For the people who are crazy about shopping, then the Hale is the perfect place for them. There you can find a hyper underground mall, where all brands in clothing and footwear are to be found. Before the mall was built, there was a market there, were people could buy fish, meat, fruit and vegetables. But this was many years ago, in times in King Philippe Auguste. 

Moreover, Saint Eustache is another place a visitor must see after leaving the Hale center. With its majestic arcades and columns, this church is even more beautiful than Notre-Dame, because it combines harmoniously the gothic styles. Moreover, one should not hesitate to see the nai ve sculpture in the Saint Joseph chapel, which belongs to the sculptor Raymond Mason. The scene presents the leaving of fruit and vegetables from the heart of Paris. Once the tourist returns to the Hale he will cross the market of the vegetables from the heart of Paris. Once the tourist returns to he Hale he will cross the market of the innocents, which has in the middle of it a very old fountain, dating from the XVIII century, during the Renaissance.

Near the Hale, the tourist can find the most characteristic attraction in Paris: the merry-go-round. Then, following the Sebastopol boulevard, you can arrive at the most visited sight in Paris: the famous Notre-Dame. For the fame it has, the cathedral is still not so impressive, either in what concerns its measure, and either in its architecture. However, it specific is offered by the great number of tourist we can see there, by the reporters and journalist, judges or beggars.

Last but not least, the Shakesperean Library is also a very important place to visit. It represents the best point of attraction for the bohemian world of Paris. It is a very rich library, having thousand of books from the literature all over the world.


Anne said...

ahhahaha... sis what a timing...lili ra gud sa travel nako naay akong wish didto moadto sa paris ahhaha.. nya mao ni imung post karon pagka timing jud hehe... tnx for d info sis ha...

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

I have never been to Paris or any other city in France. In fact, I have never visited any country outside the Philippines kaya dugay pa ako, lol. I's nice of you to share pointers about Paris to would be visitors there. At least hindi na sila magmumukhang tanga kapag dumating sila duon lalo na't nagiisa lang. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

JAZEVOX said...

someday, hopefully i can step my two feet in that magical city, would be nice to see the tower. jazevox

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