Golden Rules in Giving Emergency Care

Sunday, May 23, 2010

As a caregiver I have to learn some basic things for giving an emergency care. I should be aware what I have to do and not to do to save somebody's life.

Here are the thing on what to do:

1. Do obtain consent, when possible.
2. Do think the worst;it's best to administer first aid for the gravest possiblity.
3. Do remember to identify yourself to the victim.
4. Do provide comfort and emotional support.
5. Do respect the victim's modesty and physical privacy.
6. Do be as calm and as direct as possible.
7. Do care for the most serious injuries first.
9. Do keep onlookers away from the injured person.
10. Do handle the victim to a minimum.
11. Do loosen tight clothing.

What not to do

1. Do not let the victim see his/her injury.
2. Do not leave the victim alone except to get help.
3. Do not assume that the victim's obvious injuries are the only one.
4. Do not make any unrealistic promises.
5. Do not trust the judgement of a confused victim and require them to make decision.


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