Shared Story-An Inspiration to OFW

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A man from Dumaguete City is only  finished High School but that fact did not stop him from dreaming big dreams. After finishing high school he went to Manila to seek for a greener pasture. But due to lack of education it was difficult for him to find for a full time good paying job. So, he had to settle for part time jobs to get him by. While working as a part time sewer for a bag factory in the morning he decided to study in the evening took up BS Electrical Engineering in TIP Manila. 

The meager income he got from working as a sewer made it difficult for him to support all his needs and continue studying, so he sought with the help of his sister-in law to search for a better job. He felt very lucky when he was offered a job as a sewing machine mechanic in Capital garments in Tagaytay Rizal. 

After years of working there,  he was promoted to be a senior mechanic. However, he is still not satisfied with his salary . He decided to work abroad. Then year 1990 a  job advertisement posted in Manila Bulletin classified ads section got him a job as a tape edge sewing machine mechanic for a company in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). He had to compete with other 30 applicants and passed a trade  test before he was offered the job. Only two of them were hired and the processing of papers took only two months. 

Though difficult and painful , he chose to be away  from his family in the Philippines and arrived in Jeddah, KSA. Adjusting the new environment was not easy. He had to get used to the humid weather and to make things worse the Gulf War broke out after a month.

Instead of going back to the Philippines he and his co-workers focused on doing his job well and soon he was able to get used to his new life in KSA.

His hard work and perseverance did not go unnoticed. Soon he was chosen to be a service technician. At that time, he also received a recognition from the management. He was very happy because aside from recognition, he also received a certain amount which was personally handed to him. 

He also proud of the achievements of the company where he is employed. When first arrived the company he was working, there were only few workers and the factory was unfinished. Now, the company received an award from a European Exhibition for beddings and mattresses. 

To improve himself and to meet up with what the company expects of him as a maintenance personnel. He continued searching for knowledge. He enrolled in a distance education class and gained an Electronic Technician Certificate Training from International Correspondence School of Scranton Penn. He also attended workshop from the group of OFWCC in Ksa. In that seminar he learned how to used the internet and surfed several websites where he can get more information about maintenance. 

In 2004, he was appointed as maintenance manager. This promotion surprised him some of his colleagues have a degree in Civil Engineering. Today, a company in Europe is inviting him to work for them. He considers this his great fulfillment in life.

This is only a shared story from his friend that  happened to be my friend  in chatting.

This man has a big dream and he continue dreaming. The difficult way of living never stop aiming his goal.  And the lack of education was not a barrier of his success. He never lose hope. He look for ways to improve himself and enhance his skills to succeed.

This story in an inspiration for us OFW.


Dhemz said...

what a very inspiring story....very uplifting...thanks for sharing dear....:)

♣☆♥Willa♥☆♣ said...

very inspiring story indeed! Sino kaya sya?I'm from TIP-Manila as well, and I know a lot of electrical Engineers.

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