If your luggage doesn't arrive

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Have you tried traveling and when you arrived your luggage is not there? I am sure it will be a disaster and ruin your trip. I asked Sarah about this, and she said she experienced and her daughter in-law too.

 Did you know that over 42 million pieces of luggage go missing worldwide each year. Lucky it didn't happen to me, Oh!How more often I travel? But if it is happens to you, report it to the airline at the airport as soon as possible where you'll be asked to fill out Property Irregularity Report (to make sure make a get a copy for you). Unfortunately, airlines won't consider your luggage as lost until 21 days after it goes missing. Before that it just delayed. This means they won't consider any compensation claim until after this period. It's not fair really, however the airline should give you cash on the spot for essential such as toiletries. Just give your insurance company a call to see if they can help you out too. Keep in touch with your airline for progress report and save receipts for items bought so you can make a claim later.

So here's the tip on What you can do before you go? Pack valuables and essentials in hand luggage and label your hold luggage clearly with you contact details.

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