What I'm going to do when I'm home?

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Yes, besides on planning getting married I was thinking also what I'm going to do when I'm home? Am I going to re-apply abroad? or stay in the Philippines for good and do something for the future of my own family. Work?Business?  After a deep thinking,  I end up to find something  which could be a source of income. I was reading several articles  about entrepreneurship and as I understood that one common characteristic as a successful entrepreneur is PASSION. Passion and eagerness that fired them up to keep on doing despite difficulties in their business. 

I myself knew that working abroad is only temporary. I dream and aspire to be an own boss someday. To pursue these dreams in my life, for now I I have to earn and save my money. I keep reading and do some research into different possibilities of business. At least by this time I could utilize what I learn in College. 

Like Mike Cases who start a Bottling Sardines business in Dipolog City, Zamboanga.  He was an OFW in Brunie as an Engineer however went back to the Philippines and opted to start business that he loves doing. He currently exporting his product now in US and Canada. More Stories to tells of OFWs who become a successful businessman in the country. Check this inspiring and interesting site www.entrepreneur.com.ph

In my point of view - if we have passion to do something, utilize it. Lets open our mind the possibilities that we could earn also in the Philippines what we've earn abroad.


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