What to do if you think someone is having a heart attack?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

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Working with elderly people is not an easy job. Sometimes , you thought they are alright and then suddenly, you noticed they are pale and cannot breath. As a caregiver, its my responsibility to look after them and be aware on what's going on with their health.. So, if I think someone is having a heart attack the first thing I have to do .. Look out for symptoms such as severe chest pain, breathlessness, nausea, giddiness, sense of panic and doom, cold skin, and blue lips. If it is possible, sit them in a supported position with their knees bent.. Then call for an ambulance and say you suspect a heart attack. Then, give the medicine they may have for an existing heart problem.
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Dhemz said...

very informative sis....thanks for sharing....:) gusto ko ring mag work sa mga elderly....but for now I have to finish school first...eehhehe!

useless kasi yung degree ko dito...kaya have to start from scratch....lol!

charmie said...

hahaha sis Dhemz.. ako din useless sa abroad.. iba natapos, iba ang work hahaha... before I came here wala ako training. nag attend lang ako mga seminars dito sponsored by agency..

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