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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I was an avid chatter for about three years of a mobile networking group wherein mostly group of chatters are Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW). The discussion in the chatroom  always caught my attention about worst places to work for it somehow connects the real life in me. For three years chatting and I made friends and we shared stories, I asked myself what pushes like me to leave our country to work despite the imminent danger awaits for us in a far away land.

Despite everyday news headline that tells all kind of abuses and discrimination hounding Filipino workers abroad, seeing hopeful job applicants queuing for a possible job abroad is an ordinary fare of in most job placement agencies. There are those who are gone abroad and once fell victims of abuses  await their fate that someday, to return again and try new luck a new. Perhaps no amount of danger and setback can prevent Filipino's resiliency or maybe, it's their empty stomach that forced them to be braved amidst adversities waiting abroad. While there are those happy and success stories shared by a handful OWFs who had gone abroad, however unfortunate and sad experiences still painted that overall situation of Filipinos working in foreign land. Domestic helper getting raped by their employer, unpaid salary, racial discrimination, breached of employment of contract and occupational hazards seems like a recurring nightmare that haunts every Filipino desiring for work abroad.

Like me, I used to protect my country when my employer discriminated it. However, deep within me I get angry and irritated and feel sorry myself the pathetic situation in the Philippines. Filipino professional are almost gone owe it to lack of opportunity back home, while those still studying are gradually focusing to their choice of destination-abroad. Can you blame of desiring a better future?Certainly not. Our government has managed to run into Philippines economy into the ground and they aren't enough job opportunities to go around in the Philippines.  Its definitely splits our families, which often, results in breakup of our families. It leaves children behind growing up without mother, father or parents. ?

I love my country and my desire of working remains the same only that the same opportunity remains elusive. Leaving ones family for abroad is a bitter pill to swallow. But while there are lives depending on you, hopes and dreams to fulfill, toiling away from home must continue though remain hopeful that someday, better opportunity is within reach in a place where my heart is home.


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